Wildlife & Ecology Lecture: Why Do We Need Carnivores in Maine?

SPPL will be kicking off a new Wildlife & Ecology lecture series with a presentation from Geri Vistein, a conservation biologist. Geri will be at the Main Library on Thursday, October 24 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss large carnivores and the important role they play in Maine’s ecosystems.

Her talk will cover some big questions pertaining to the relationships between humans, large carnivores, and the ecosystems of Maine. For example, does it matter whether or not coyotes live in Maine? And if mountain lions and wolves returned to the state, how might that impact YOU? What do they have to do with the landscape of Maine, with us and our lives, and with the lives of future generations? Geri will explore these topics while sharing research on the real life stories of carnivores—what happened to them, what happened to their prey, what happened to the land we call America… and what happens to us now? Listeners will be enthralled by stories from all over the American continent, including tales from our home right here in Maine.

The focus of Geri’s work as a conservation biologist is to be a bridge between the science we know about carnivores, and the community members who live with them. For over ten years, she has traveled around Maine, sharing with communities the knowledge that exists about returning carnivores and the skills we can practice in living well with them. The Coyote Center’s mission is to enhance awareness of the value of carnivore presence on Earth by providing a wide range of creative, educational and research experiences for the people of New England, focusing on carnivores, their habitat, and their relationship to us.

For more information about Geri and the Coyote Center, click HERE.  For more information about the new Wildlife & Ecology lecture series, call Circulation at 767-7660 x 2.

Sponsored by the Friends of the South Portland Public Library.

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