Update: Interlibrary Loan Returns!*


As we currently understand it, the statewide van delivery service will resume daily pick ups and deliveries to us beginning on Monday, July 13.  With this, several Minerva member libraries (including us) will be reactivating interlibrary loan service at that time!

What does this mean?

Good news: now, your requests for items will not just be limited to SPPL-owned items.

Bad News: SPPL owns really good items – so you’ll now be ‘competing’ for our collections with users from other libraries.

Good news: As always, SPPL patrons ALWAYS have priority access to SPPL items.

So, get your online requests in – the more savvy you are in using the online catalog to search for and request items, the better off you’ll be in being able to find and obtain the items you want.  If you have any troubles using the system or just need someone to walk you through how it works, never hesitate to give us a call!

Since different libraries are reopening in different capacities and on different timelines, the collections available through interlibrary loan will not be as robust as they previously were.  Requesting will be limited to the Minerva system only and, within that group, not everybody is ready to lend.  There’s no need for you to make any determinations as to where an item you want may be coming from – simply click on the REQUEST button and the online catalog will let you know if a request is successful or not. 

Also, we expect that the turnaround time for fulfilling your requests from other libraries will be longer than it was previously.  In the interest of your safety as well as our own – we will be taking every precaution with handling materials.

We ask for everyone’s patience as we work to integrate this service into our routine.

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