Book Groups: sharing the experience of reading

Book groups (also referred to as reading groups, book clubs and other various combinations of those words) are a great way to keep in the reading habit as well as to enjoy some social interaction with others interested in reading.… Read more.

Go On a Blind Date With a Book

If you visit the library in the next couple of weeks, you may notice displays of books, in plain brown paper wrappings, in various locations around the library.… Read more.

It’s Great to Have Friends

With summer past, it’s time for an annual tradition here at the library, and one that I thought deserves some discussion here: the Friends of the South Portland Public Library and the annual book sale.… Read more.

Why We Weed, Part 1

This copy of the Hi-Fi Stereo Handbook was recently found on our shelves and removed from our collection.

Originally published in 1956, this is the 5th revised edition, added to our collection when it was new, in 1978.  … Read more.

Why More Land?

Update: Please read my follow-up post HERE


If you’ve travelled through the intersection of Highland Ave. and Cottage Road (where Red’s Dairy Freeze is) in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed signs posted around the property at 159 Cottage Road. … Read more.