South Portland Public Library’s Seed Library

Welcome to the SPPL Seed Library!

The SPPL Seed Library was created in partnership with Girl Scouts of Maine Troop 16 in 2019, as a way for our community to share seeds.

Below is a selection of seeds currently available in our collection. To make a seed request, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will prepare a package of seeds which you can pick up with your next curbside order of library materials! Please select up to 3 varieties you would like. As our inventory of seeds is constantly shifting, your seed requests may not be filled exactly or completely, but we’ll do our best!

Below you will also find some resources for planting and saving seeds, as well as how to donate seeds.

Online Resources

  • Seed Savers Exchange:  Here you will find info on everything from planning a garden to seed starting and plant care, as well as tips for seed saving. There’s even a handy Crop-by-Crop Growing Guide!
  • Community Seed Network: This website offers lots of great info about saving seeds, from beginners to those with more experience!


If you have any seeds you won’t be using, please consider donating them to the SPPL Seed Library. Until we are able to fully open our doors to the community again, you may do this through the book drop. Simply place the seeds in a clearly labeled envelope or ziplock bag and leave them in the book drop. If seeds are not in their original packaging, please put them each in a separate bag/envelope labeled with the variety of the seeds, as well as any growing info and tips you may have.


Herbs, Lettuces, and Greens

Root Veggies

Other Veggies

Disclaimer: Neither the SPPL Seed Library, the South Portland Public Library, or the Friends of the South Portland Public Library are responsible for mislabeled seeds or the quality of the seeds received. We rely on careful seed-saving practices of all of our members to minimize surprises and maximize your potential for gardening success.