Need a Library Card?

If you would like to establish an account with the South Portland Public Library, please read this page carefully.

Cards with temporary – LIMITED – access to our services may be applied for online, HERE.  Full-access cards (and conversion of temporary cards into full-access cards) must be done in person, at either of our locations.

From the South Portland Public Library Policy Manual:


(Policy endorsed by Library Advisory Board, 1/14/12)

All library transactions requiring access to a library users’ account requires the presentation of a valid South Portland Public Library card for that account.

Library cards are issued to those aged 5 and above. Applicants under the age of 18 require the in-person signature of a parent or legal guardian, assuming financial responsibility for the library account.

Use of the library services – including computer use and borrowing privileges – may be denied for due cause, such as loss of materials, excessive fees, destruction of library property, and/or conduct in violation of library policies.

Unless cancelled for any other reason, a South Portland Public Library card is valid for one year.  Library accounts may be renewed – annually – for as long as the account is in good standing and the user maintains eligibility.

Lost or damaged library cards may be replaced at a cost of $1.00.


South Portland Residents

A South Portland citizen who has proper identification authenticating his/her South Portland residency is eligible for a library card, at no cost.

Proper identification for the issuing of a library card is:

A valid, Maine state-issued photo identification showing current South Portland residence


A state or federal issued photo identification in conjunction with any of the following, showing current South Portland residency and issued in the same name as the identification provided:

      • Utility bill dated within the last 30 days
      • A South Portland issued tax bill/tax receipt dated within the past three months
      • Current lease, mortgage papers, or rent receipts that officially state the property address (that is, no handwritten receipts; must be a preprinted form which shows the bank or realty company name)
      • Current vehicle registration, in the name of the applicant, showing a current South Portland address


The South Portland Public Library offers the following options for non-resident users…

Free Library Card

A library card – at no cost – may be issued to non-resident visitors in the following situations:

        • An employee of the City of South Portland who has a valid, City –issued identification card.
        • A non-resident South Portland taxpayer with a valid tax receipt for authentication (property holders, business proprietors, and/or boat owners).
        • Students enrolled in a South Portland institution of higher education (i.e., Southern Maine Community College) with valid student identification that authenticates current enrollment.
        • A non-resident student at a public or private school in South Portland. A signed note from a school administrator or current student identification is required. The library card is for this student’s use only.
        • Military service personnel stationed in South Portland.

Non-Resident Fee for Library Service

Non-resident visitors not meeting the criteria for a free card, above, may obtain a South Portland Public Library card at a cost of $30.00 for one year. This fee is an approximation of the average annual resident taxpayer contribution toward library services. Nonresident library accounts are valid for use by other members of a household but, as with all other library transactions, the library card must be presented at time of use. Applicants for a non-resident card must provide valid, state-issued, photo identification.