Lifelong Learning Just Got Easier!

Thanks to the generosity of two of our great patrons, SPPL has been given a broad selection of The Great Courses (TGC), a series of college-level audio and video courses, produced by The Teaching Company. Developed with lifelong learners in mind, and offered without schedules, homework, or exams, you get all the good stuff without any of the hassles! SPPL has many offerings in a variety of subject categories, including fine arts, music, history, literature, philosophy, religion, science, mathematics, professional development, and more. Video versions of the courses include graphics and green screen effects. Courses also include supplemental guidebooks, prepared by the professor, with outlines of the individual lectures, recommended reading lists, general bibliographies, and questions to consider. Full printed transcripts are also available in some cases.  Come browse our collection.  You are sure to find a course that will spark your curiosity and broaden your understanding.

To see a list of courses available, click the link below:

The Great Courses

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