Library Services

updated 7/6/20

  • The library buildings remain closed to the public.
  • You may browse our collections and request items online.
  • You may pick up items curbside – by appointment only – at the Main Library.


  • Contact-free pickup of library items is available at the Main Library, by appointment only, Monday through Friday from 10am until 6pm, and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.
  • Requests for items should be placed online, using the “Search Our Catalog” box on the right side of this page.  If you haven’t used this system before – it’s easy!  We have a quick video tutorial HERE, or feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process!
  • Only items from the South Portland Public Library’s collections (Main and Branch) will be available for use – the state’s interlibrary loan system is still offline until further notice.
  • If available, requested items will be ready for pick up the next day.
  • You will need to schedule a specific time for the pick up of your requested items.  Instructions for doing this will be provided when your items are confirmed to be available and ready for pick up.
  • On weekdays, we are providing 94 Pick up appointments, scheduled at 5 minute increments (46 on Saturdays).  To avoid congestion in the parking lot & at the pick up table outside our door, timeliness is essential.


We have discovered that some email services – in particular, Microsoft-owned email services such as,, & – frequently block email notifications letting users know that their requested items are ready for them.  If you use one of these services for email, we recommend that you add the email address: 

to your allowable email list so that you  will
receive your notifications.

  • Requested items will be checked out to you prior to your arrival on the day of your scheduled pick up appointment.  If an appointment is missed, items will remain checked out and on your account.
  • Patrons will be limited to 15 items checked out at a time.
  • There continues to be no public access to the library building.
  • The book drop is open and items can be returned at any time.
  • When items are returned, they are held in quarantine for at least 72 hours before they are checked in and returned to use.  Don’t be alarmed if something you returned a few days ago is still showing as checked out to you.

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