Library Advisory Board

The Library Advisory Board works closely with the Library Director, providing an avenue for citizen involvement in guiding the library.  The board consists of seven members – one appointed by each City Councilor – representing the city’s five voting districts, along with two ‘at large’ members.

The Library Advisory Board plays an important role representing the interests of the community in reviewing library policies, programs and initiatives.

The board meets regularly, usually at the Main Library.

Board meetings are open to the public.  Meeting times and locations are subject to change, so please check the city’s calendar HERE for the latest information.

You can view additional information about the L on the City’s web site: Library Advisory Board

If you are interested in being considered for service on the board, you must first fill out the City’s online application, HERE

Not sure about which voting district you are in?  The City’s district maps can be found HERE

And, just to share, here’s a video clip of Aimée Turner being nominated for and voted in to serve on the Library Advisory Board.  Prior to her confirmation by the Council, Aimée shared some thoughtful words on the importance of a library in the life of its community…