KindKids Music

Warm up this Winter with Kindness & Peace at KindKids Music’s “I Am Peaceful” concert at the Main Library on Saturday, February 22, at 11am!  Enjoyment for all ages!

Join us at this all-ages family music concert that is all about “sharing kindness through music” with Rob & Amanda Panda, featuring the Duquette Family Band!

From the KindKids Music website: KindKids music is a highly effective and interactive concert that helps children gain tools in how to make kindness a part of their lives. Songs with themes of gratitude, compassion, self acceptance, and emotional resilience are all a part of the show.  KindKids performers Rob Duquette and Amanda “Panda” Duquette bring families together to make music and mindfulness FUN! Rob plays everything from guitar and xylophone to ukulele and a frying pan! Amanda Panda brings out her friend “Muffy” on stage for songs like “Friends Forever.”  Families find a moment of mindfulness when chanting “I am Peaceful.” And KindKids music audiences dance till they drop with songs like “Superhero” and get healthy and silly with favorites like “Brush Everyday.”


For more information call the Children’s Room at 207-767-7660 x3.

This event is sponsored by The Friends of South Portland Public Library.

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