Julie Falatko & Neesha Hudson Book Party

Join local children’s author Julie Falatko and local illustrator Neesha Hudson for a party in honor of their new dog-themed books: Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School (written by Julie) and Walk Your Dog (illustrated by Neesha). There will be book readings at 10:30 AM followed by activities, crafts, book sales and signings, and a special visit from one of the Animal Refuge League’s four-legged guest ambassadors! This event will take place at the Main Library on Saturday, June 9, starting at 10:30 a.m.

About the Books

In Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School, we are introduced to Sassy and Waldo. They are good dogs who spend the day keeping their house safe. Has a squirrel ever gotten inside? No! But every day their boy, Stewart, comes home from this terrible place called school smelling like anxiety and loose leaf paper.

Sassy and Waldo decide to save Stewart. But they don’t let dogs into school. So Sassy and Waldo decide to get creative. They put on an old trench coat, and now everyone at Bea Arthur Elementary thinks they are a new student named Salty from Liver, Ohio. Well, everyone except Stewart.

In Walk Your Dog, debut author-illustrator team Elizabeth Stevens Omlor and Neesha Hudson use spare text and gorgeous ink-and-watercolor illustrations to show kids that working as a team requires cooperation, patience, and heart. This bouncy day-in-the-life adventure shows what happens when you pair a spunky little girl with a dog who’s a stubborn as he is furry.

About Julie and Neesha

Neesha is a freelance illustrator living in Maine. She is delighted to spend most of her days drawing funny little characters while wrangling a free-thinking two year old. When not illustrating, Neesha enjoys spending time with her husband who is a brilliant photographer, their two children and a Chinese Crested named Napoleon. 2008 Honors Graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Illustration. Also a lifetime of drawing. And she has read a lot of “How to Draw Dogs” books. (I mean … a LOT!)

When Julie was 8 years old, she wrote her first story, about a family of ornery foghorns. Making things up was so much fun, she knew she had to figure out how to do that forever. She went on to earn an English degree and a library degree, and now she mostly writes stories about misunderstood animals trying to find their place in the world. Julie lives in Maine with her husband, four children, and two dogs, where she maintains a Little Free Library in front of her house.

Please note: there will be a live dog at this event. For more information, call Youth Services at 767-7660 x 3. This program is sponsored by the Friends of the South Portland Public Library.

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