New Library Hours!

We recently introduced an expanded schedule of library hours!  As we have for years, the South Portland community will continue to benefit from seven days a week of library services. However, thanks to the recently passed City budget, we are now able to deliver these services for more hours per week, with improved – consistent – schedules at both locations!

New Schedule, Effective August 18, 2019:

  Main Library Branch Library
Sunday Closed 1pm-5pm
Monday 10am-6pm 1pm-5pm
Tuesday 10am-8pm 1pm-5pm
Wednesday 10am-8pm 1pm-5pm
Thursday 10am-8pm 1pm-5pm
Friday 10am-6pm 1pm-5pm
Saturday 10am-6pm Closed

As you can see, both of our locations are now open six days a week, Monday through Saturday at the Main Library, and Sunday through Friday at the Branch.

The Main Library will offer three eight hour days and three ten hour days each week, while the Branch will be open six four hour blocks in the afternoon.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out during the City’s budget process to support these changes!


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