Adult Summer Reading Program

Adult Summer Reading Program: For every week you read a book, any book of your choosing, you’ll be entered once into our weekly prize drawing to win a $10 gift certificate to Bull Moose. PLUS, we will mark your reading card and enter you into our grand prize drawing. If you read a book each week, you will have up to 10 grand prize entries for one of three gift prizes, a $50, $75, or $100 gift certificate to Bull Moose! Register at either library location. You can start at any point, but the more weeks you participate, the better your odds during the Grand Prize Drawing!


Q: Is there a specific list of books I have to read?

A: No. You can read literally any book you want. We won’t even quiz you on it.

Q: Does it have to be about science, since the theme is Literary Elements?

A: Nope. Much like the periodic table, this theme includes everything you can think of.

Q: If I read more than one book per week, can I get entered multiple times in the weekly drawing?

A: Just one entry per week, however, that in no way means you should stop reading once you finish your book.

Q: If I miss a week, am I disqualified?

A: You can participate in anywhere between one and ten weeks of the program, but the more weekly drawings you enter, the more chances you’ll have for the grand prize drawing.

Q: Does it have to be a library book that I read to qualify? What about something I have at home, or an e-book I bought for my Kindle?

A: It doesn’t have to be one of our books, but since you’re already stopping by the library to fill out a raffle ticket, you might as well peruse our collection…

Q: Do graphic novels count?

A: Yes.

Q: Even manga?

A: You bet.

Q: Do you have any good recommendations?

A: Of course we do; just ask at the front desk!