At some point, you might find that the online system is not allowing you request or renew library items.  This is usually due to a change in status of your account in the time since you last accessed it.

Below are instructions on how to check the status of your account and how to resolve any issues.

First, log in to My Library Account.  Once logged in, along the left hand side of your screen, you will see boxes similar to these, with your account information displayed:

Patron Account Info

From here, check the following…

  • Has your account expired?  If the EXP DATE displayed under your name and address has passed, your account has expired (all accounts expire annually as a way to keep our user database up to date).  If your account has expired, you may renew it for another year over the phone or in person.
  • Do you have a balance owed on your account? If the amount listed beside “unpaid fines and bills” exceeds $6.00, requesting, renewals and additional checkouts have been disabled until the balance is settled.  An outstanding balance can be paid in person by cash or check or by mailing a check to us.

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