Favorite Library Services

updated 7/6/20

  • The library buildings remain closed to the public.
  • You may browse our collections and request items online.
  • You may pick up items curbside – by appointment only – at the Main Library.
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The Summer Imagination Program 2020, month 2!

Imagine A New Story…
It’s time for our Summer Reading Program for ALL ages! This year’s Summer Reading Program is going to be called “Summer Imagination Program” and the theme is “Imagine a New Story!” We’ll be imagining, discovering, and reading together!

The library is all about supporting reading, learning, exploring, growing, and our community in the best ways we can! Since we are in a time of helping one another even more, we will be raising money for the South Portland Food Cupboard while we all enjoy participating in some fun, creative, relaxing, and imaginative activities!

For each month that you sign up (June, July, and August), the Friends of the South Portland Public Library will donate $1 to the Food Cupboard. Each person who signs up and participates in all 3 months adds another $1 to the Food Cupboard! A huge THANK YOU to the Friends of the South Portland Public Library for your continued generosity in making this happen!

Get Artsy, Online!

Introducing the online version of Artsy Afternoons!

Join us on Saturday at 9am for the premiere of Shannon’s first craft tutorial: Making paper Swallows!

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Virtual Story Time…

Here’s a selection of  video read-aloud of some of our favorite books!

Stranger Things’ actor David Harbour reads our friend Julie Falatko’s book, Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book).Read more.

New Attraction and Museum Passes!

We’re excited to offer our patrons new attraction and museum passes, thanks to the support of our generous Friends of the South Portland Public Library! The new passes will provide our patrons with new destinations to visit.… Read more.