Little Roots Family Music

For two weeks in March, our regular Wednesday morning Toddle Town story time will become Little Roots Family Music, for ages 0-5 years! Little Roots is an early childhood music program based out of 317 Main Community Music Center in Yarmouth. Amanda “Panda” Parkhurst, the director of the Little Roots program, will be leading us on a 30-minute musical adventure filled with sing-a-long songs, musical instrument exploration, movement and more! Amanda blends music with movement, encouraging young children to feel the music in their bodies as they learn the creative skills that will prepare them for a life of music making.

Classes will take place on Wednesday, March 21 and Wednesday, March 28 at 10:30 a.m. at the Main Library. Families are welcome to attend either class, or both. Pre-registration with your librarian will be very helpful!

This FREE program is brought to you by 317 Main Community Music Center. To learn more about 317 Main and the many music classes they offer, visit their website.

For more information on this library program, call Youth Services at 767-7660 x 3.


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